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11. 20, 2020

TK4S is the latest automatic cutting machine upgraded by IECHO on the basis of TK3S in all aspects. It is specially designed for cutting single-layer materials. It has various types of tools and can be applied to materials of different properties. It is mainly used for advertising , textile, automotive interior industry and many other fields. I will introduce the machine from three aspects: optimization, structure and parameter performance.

TK4S, 1.8kw Three modules .png

IECHO's latest research achievements

First of all, compared to TK3S, it has been optimized in all aspects:

  • More standardized design. The controlling boxes are designed at the side of the machine body, so there is no need to enter the machine for maintenance, just open the side case cover easily. The neat and orderly wiring helps you better debug the machine.

  • Comprehensive hardware upgrades. Optimized many components including roller shell, XY drag chain trough, motor, air pump, etc., making the machine more durable and efficient.

  • Performance improvement. The cutting machine adopts skew rack, 1.5M left-handed 12°, which improves the transmission efficiency and makes the machine more stable; the beam machine tool guideway surface to improve the linear accuracy.


Scientific structure

The structure of the machine is made of high-strength, corrosion-resistant and high-toughness aluminum profiles, which provides greater stability for the machine.

TK .png

Base table is made with aluminum honeycomb panels, the material has very good smoothness and flatness. Under this table there are connected valves which lead to external vacuum pumps, with pumps of 7.5KW, to generate vacuum suction on the table and suck the material to be processed, so the material will not move while cutting, external pump usually is placed inside a soundproof box and has a muffler to avoid sound pollution.

Modulization of the table makes easier transportation for large machines and more flexibility of installation and disassemble.

TKTe modules .png

There is another function which is vacuum section control (by PLC system), they can be turned on/off individually to have a more dedicated working area with more suction power and less waste of energy, and vacuum power can be controlled by frequency conversion system.


Between table and material to cut there is a layer of felt, which protects table from damages made by cutting tool, and when the machine has automatic conveyor system it is also used to transport the material,from feeding to cutting, one machine can complete, one machine is an assembly line

TKTmodules .png

Beyond the table is posted a moving beam which has 3 tool heads position and is possible to install different tool modules on them. There are more than ten kinds of tools with different functions, which can be applied to all walks of life.There are milling cutters that can cut high-thickness materials such as PVC and aluminum, and kiss cutters that can cut the surface of the material without damaging the inner layer for making car stickers. There are also drag knives that are good at cutting thinner materials such as kraft paper... In two extremity of the beam there are build safe guard system, when the moving beam senses collision with something, or something in path of the infrared, machine will stop all working process and goes to emergency status.

KTmodules .png

Excellent performance

Lastly is parameter performance.TK4S has nine standard sizes, of course we could customize by request to adapt client’s needs.TK4S large format cutting system maximum cutting width can reach 4900mm, cutting speed up to 1500mm / S, which is 4-6 times of traditional manual way. That means you’ll have six of the most hardworking employees on call 24 hours a day. The software uses the company's self-developed intelligent software iBright, Cutserver, etc. It has the characteristics of convenience, fast update and personalization, and there are engineers online to solve the operation problems of the machine for you to ensure the long-term effectiveness of your machine stable work.


With the development of science and technology, IECHO is striding forward to the Industry 4.0 era, providing automated production solutions for the non-metallic materials industry, using the best cutting system and the most enthusiastic service to protect the interests of customers, "For the development of various fields and stages companies provide better cutting solutions", this is IECHO's service philosophy and development motivation.

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